Apocalypse Calypso Music Video!

Published November 3, 2023

I’ve been working with my friend Job for over ten years. Sculptor, artist and designer, his atelier is a secret wonderland from which he creates art that can be found in museums and galleries across the world. We have created several tours and sculptures together but never filmed anything for a video. 

For the first time he opened the doors to his incredible atelier and allowed me to shoot my new music video for Apocalypse Calypso. It was like being allowed to play in a beautiful psychedelic parallel world.

Chris Turner the director took on the challenge of capturing me with these beautiful pieces of art and I created the custom looks for Atelier Mika together with Bruno Simone. 

I hope you love this video as much as I do and it’s out now on YouTube. Head over to the video section of the website to check it out!

Thank you to all of those who helped us make this X 

► Credits Director: Chris Turner Executive Producer: Beth Montague Producer: Thalia Murray Commissioner: Ailsa Robertson Director of Photography: Howard Mills Focus Puller: Rob Stanton DIT: Ivo Groenendijk Gaffer: Erik Houtman BTS: Adam Goodall Production Design: Studio Job Wardrobe Anna Cuvailova Make Up Artist: Diane Jaurey Hair Stylist: Geraldine Fougerat

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO JOB SMEETS, SHARKEY AND THE WHOLE TEAM WHO WORK AT STUDIO JOB. YOU ARE ALL BRILLIANT! Production Design: Studio Job Communications: Rebecca Sharkey Supervisor: Wesley Didden Welder: Lennart Zuydervelt Paper Mache tech : Bram Peijnenborg